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Whether you have had experience of book publishing companies previously, or if this is a new and exciting venture to publish your book, you will have probably found 2QT Publishing in your search for answers. Get in touch for an informal chat >

Enjoying Her First PublicationGetting a book published can be a rewarding experience, however, the book publishing process can be bewildering for the uninitiated. Do not worry – we are here to help you.

With the large number of self publishing companies and an array of independent book publishers online you may find it a challenge without some guidance. Whether you are looking for specific book publishing services or a full publishing deal we can help you directly or point you in the right direction. Get in touch today to see if we can help you get your book published.

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About 2QT Publishing

We are a small, friendly independent book publisher based in Settle, North Yorkshire.

Although our office is in a small market town in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, we are only  30 minutes away from the M6 motorway and 45 minutes for Leeds and Bradford and accessible by train and bus. We are happy to hear from authors in any location in the UK or overseas.

We are a people business and love to connect with new, interesting and diverse people from a range of backgrounds. We also have a range of events and networking opportunities for authors and are delighted to help authors achieve their goals.

Our primary focus is to make book publishing a rewarding experience for all involved. We do this by being honest and giving you realistic expectations; we do not make you pay for services that you don’t need. We consider the needs of each author and create a bespoke solution that can be implemented at your pace. We will only recommend actions that we believe will take you forward as an author.

The first step is for us to have a chat. We are approachable and would be happy to hear from you by email, phone or better still, come and visit us. Click here to get started.

Meet the Founder of 2QT Book Publishing

Catherine Cousins has a background in working with individuals and small companies. Her core values of fairness and integrity have earned her respect among her business and personal network.  Catherine is able to call on her network of experts and professionals to provide a highly comprehensive publishing service.

Catherine ensures that 2QT Publishing offers flexible and affordable book publishing services to authors, writers and businesses. Her transparent yet personal approach is warm and demonstrates her integrity personally and in business.

She says that 2QT is a way of working in order to share its knowledge and experience with writers and those involved in the publishing world. 2QT Publishing aims to make a positive difference for all involved.